This is the website for Mastering Shiny Solutions, a solutions manual for the exercises in Mastering Shiny, written by Hadley Wickham.

Mastering Shiny Solutions 2021, by Maya Gans and Marly Gotti, was released in early 2021. Since then, there have been various changes to the exercises in Mastering Shiny, and this book serves as an updated version. A few solutions in this book defer to those provided in Mastering Shiny Solutions 2021. Also, some exercises don’t contain solutions, and for these exercises, the author writes, “Not sure.”

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About the Author

Howard Baek is a Master’s student in Biostatistics at the University of Washington. His past experiences include a NIH-funded Research Assistantship at the Behavioral Research In Technology and Engineering (BRiTE) Center, where he developed a Shiny Dashboard that allows patients and clinicians in addiction treatment to monitor patients’ progress and goals over time and an Educational Data Mining Research Internship at George Mason University, where he analyzed real world datasets from a Stanford online course and created a Shiny Dashboard for instructors to interact with the dataset.


The author is grateful to Hadley Wickham for writing Mastering Shiny and making it available online. Alison Hill and Desirée De Leon’s talk, Sharing on Short Notice, helped in deploying this book.

Thank you to everyone who contributed solutions by creating a Pull Request on GitHub: @kcha193